Thursday, August 9, 2007

learning to read Nahuatl sources of Mexican Culture

I am convinced that Mexican Culture is founded in the Nahuatl heritage, but I still do not have a personal contact with anyone who reads the preserved cultural record.

I have finally found a readable book after many months of frustration in books that focus on terminology of linguistics or grammar.

"Compendium of Nahuatl Grammar" is the readable book. Thelma D. Sullivan ia the author but she died before finishing her task. The translation to English was finished and published in 1988 as ISBN 0-87480-282-2.

There may be another book which explains the Nahuatl Culture but this book will serve me for now. It contains numerous examples from the earliest written records of Nahuatl Culture.

The bibliography contains extensive references to published source documents which I hope to read as my education continues.

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