Saturday, March 15, 2008

New reference to calendar, Xihuitl 9 Tecpatl, Trecena 1 Cuauhtli, Tonalli 4 Tecpatl

Yesterday I discovered the home page of another person with a focus on cultures as revealed by the calendar. This home page is a major addition to my blog about the calendar which I posted on Feb 24, 2008.

The study is published

by a very interesting geographer who writes about his adventures and misadventures in the academic world.

I have only read the first chapter as published on-line. It charms me with its literary humor and I hope to continue reading for the detailed description of the importance of the 260 day periodic sacred calendar. I continue to quote the calendar on these postings with hope that some will find the incentive to study its origins.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Speaking Nahuatl, part #6 of a video recording

English: Ariel Neptali is our youngest son
Spanish: Arkiel Nepatli es nuestra hijo menor
Nahuatl: Oriel es san mas pilentain

Speaking Nahuatl, part #5 of a video recording

English: Fabiola is our daughter
Spanish: Fabiola es nuestra hija
Nahuatl: yen huan tocone sihuatl

Speaking Nahuatl, part #4 of a video recording

English: Victor is our oldest son
Spanish: Victor es nuestra hijo mayor
Nahuatl: Victor yenhuan tocone yecoyotl

Speaking Nahuatl, part #3 of a video recording

English: Octavia is the mother of this family
Spanish: Octavia es madre del familia
Nahuatl: Octavia yehua nantli de chanecacame

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Speaking Nahuatl, part #2 of a video recording

English: I am the father of this family.
Spanish: Soy padre del familia.
Nahuatl: nahuan nitlati de chanecacahuan

Speaking Nahuatl, part #8 of a video recording


English: See you later
Spanish: hasta luego
Nahuatl: totasque

Introduction of Nahuatl speaking famiy, part 1 of 8

English: This is the family of Tomas Jimenez.
Spanish: Es La Familia de Tomas Jimenez;
Nahuatl: ichanecahuan

Speaking Nahuatl #1

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Un Tonalli, El Sol, the Sun, once malinalli for those using ritual calendar.

Painting, Nahuatl text, Spanish text by Tomas Jimenez from Guerrero who
has many happy memories of life in the countryside.

Nahuatl: Se telpacatzin kinhuican iborregos xtlahuacan yehuan itekiyo nochi Tonaltii xpacame llehuen itempa atl kitequi xochitl un llehuanmen oquitlatiquen aman cuican ipan incha. Unsequime coconen tlapilohuan.

Spanish: Un nino llevan al campo los borregos. Este es su trabajo todos las dias, hay senoritas que van a la orilla de rio a cortar flores lo que ellas plantaron para llevar a casa y otros ninos pescando con el anzuelo.

English: A child takes sheep to the fields. This is his work every day, there are girls who go to the edge of the river to cut flowers that they planted for taking to the house. Other boys are fishing with fishing hooks.

Un macehualti de un calpa

Painting, Nahuatl text, Spanish text by Tomas Jimenez from Guerrero who
has many happy memories of life in the countryside.

Nahuatl: Un masehualti de un calpa llehue campa atl para concuisque un tlin conisique ipan incha, inima ica tlatequisque xtla quipiya tliinca ritlilanasque un atl pura campa incha. Un tlacame comantica untlama oinqui conkui tlicontli.

Spanish: La gente del pueblo van al rio para traer agua tanto para tomar y regar las plantas que ellos tiene porque no hay agua potable en este lugar. Los hombres ellos aveces van a pescar o ir a la lena.

Englsh: The people of the town go to the river to take water for drinking and watering the plants that they have because there is no potable water at this place. The men themselves sometimes go fishing or to the wood.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Time of harvest, painted from memories of October.

Painting, Nahuatl text, Spanish text by Tomas Jimenez from Guerrero who
has many happy memories of life in the countryside.

Nahuatl: aman tlacuilos un tin otlan
tacome niman sihuame pehua tlacui, tequiti tepec mestli octubre icuac un masehualme pehua kitequi ajonli, nopahuehuiya imihuan ichanecanhua ipan un tequitl.

Spanish: Es tiempo de la sega
Ahora hombres y mujeres empieza a recojer la cosecha, trabajando en el campo. Es el mes de octubre cuando la gente empieza a cortar el ajojonli. Se apoyan todo la familia para el trabajo.

English: The time of harvest
At this time men and women begin to collect the harvest, working in the field. It is the month of October when people start to cut the sesame. All the family helps in the work.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Xihuitl 9 Tecpatl, Trecena 1 Ehecatl, Tonalli 7 tochtli, 5 March 2008 Two pigs, one turtle

Nahuatl: Ome pitzi, Cem ayotzi
Spanish: Dos cerdos, Uno tortuga
English Two pigs, one turtle

This is the first three animals that I intended to offer for sale on E-Bay. They are made in guerrero by native wood carvers and then decorated by artisan Tomas Jimenez from Oapan, Guerrero.

Well, Maybe they will be offered. They cost me $10.00 US dollars each. I bought them because this hard working artist-father is providing resources for three children to have an education in the public schools in San Miguel de Allende. The public schools mandate uniforms and books before the free education is provided. His children speak Nahuatl at home and Spanish at school.

I once had an account on E-Bay. Time has passed and memories have faded. I may just keep these animals! You can place a comment on the blog if you want them.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

3 Cuetzpalin, Special Easter Mass, Canada de la Virgin

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The Traditional Fiesta at the Canada de la Virgin is opened by Mass and a talk. The priest is delivering words of advice to a respectful crowd. Soon the rodeo will begin and there will be food for all those who made the trek.

1 Ehecatl, 28 feb 2008, Manzanita in Bloom

English: Flowers of Manzanita
Spanish: Flores de Manzanita
This tree is in the inner patio of Callejon Valle de Maiz #5A San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

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