Monday, December 24, 2007


Open a window of value.

Christmas, the Christian celebration that follows the longest night of
each year. The extreme excursion of the sun into the southern shies
comes every December 21. It is so important that people have
celebrated the time of returning day for as long as man has made a
record of his history.

More Sun comes back to a cooling northern hemisphere and we celebrate.
Value returns to provide for the life of mankind.

Part of the celebration comes by many people giving something of value
to their friends and family during this season. There is an
organization which makes it easy to give something of value to those
in the less wealthy parts of the earth.

The window on kiva will show you a world of worthy small enterprises
who can use something of value for improving their efforts to produce
or distribute the wealth of this planet.

You can easily give something of value during this season. All you
need to do is provide a loan which will enable another person to be
productive in his/her own country.

This is one way you can personally assist in bringing peace to a world
that has such extreme differences of capital resources. A small loan
will give a boost to another individual and together we can promote
peaceful lives.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

23 DECEMBER 2007

Owen went downstairs to encourage Heidi, some sort of Fox terrier, to go play with Camellia, some sort of scruffy brown dog. As Owen descended toward the garden he saw Louis ascending toward his end of the row of houses. He had been visiting with Antonio, weekend guard of the garden and interior houses. They exchanged hand gestures of greeting one another and both proceeded to the patio table. Heidi did not go to the garden until Antonio appeared from his guard house with Camellia. Owen gestured to Antonio to join the other elders at the table. Camellia and Heidi exchanged doggy greetings and the meeting began with discussion of the family Posadas which Louis was invited to attend.

Gustavo invites Louis to the entire week of Posadas every year but Louis explained that he is not comfortable with a Catholic celebration where he is expected to kiss the ceramic representation of a baby Jesus before he receives his candy as a reward. Louis is a determined person, he is not Catholic. Antonio attempted to explain that the Posada is for companionship and is followed by friendly talking and drinking of Tequila. Owen enlisted Antonio in explaining that the celebration did not come from Rome but the inverse is true; Rome adopted the ceremony of winter companionship as celebrated in Mexico. Antonio finally was bored by the attempt to unify three viewpoints and he retired. He had remained long enough for the two dogs to play throughout the garden during the council deliberations. Camelia went with him and Heidi remained with the council which was reduced to only two intellects proceeding in friendship to find compatible points of view.

Nancy finally located the missing husband after her Internet communications were completed. She shouted from above and then joined the council meeting. She reviewed the memories of the meeting but could not produce a consensus so the meeting was continued after a couple of hours of deliberations. All ended on a friendly basis with future meetings to be scheduled by telephone as necessary. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and Owen expects Louis to report sometimes on the last day of the Posada with the entire family of Gustavo.

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