Tuesday, January 22, 2008

3 Coatl (22-ene-2008)

Jan 22 2008 was recorded by my digital camera as my home in San Miguel de Allende rotated with the Earth around its axis into position where I could no longer see the full moon.

Another calendar at

http://www.aztec calendar.com/calendar-calculator.html

says the Solar year is 9 Tecpatl, the 365 day calendar gives trecena as 1 Calli and gives tonalli as 3 Coatl these days used the calendar coordination which was designated by Leon-Portilla.

The Mayan long count was but was reported as by the Leon-Portilla coordination.

There may be small comfort in the fact that the Leon-Portilla coordination says 23 Jan 2008 calls the Tonalli 4 Mizquitli and says the Maya long count is; after all, when does the day start and end? An uncertaunty of 1 is not so terrible in a digital system

There are three days difference in the coordination between views of the two authorities and the Mexica coordination is between the two. Well, after all this study I am happy to report that we have the picture well identified by three calendar systems. I wonder how the astronomers would have given the time of a telescopic picture from Earth .

Mexica web site does not quote the authority for their calendar.

I then attempted to release my mind from all this earth centered counting system. This is what happened.

I thought about how this scene would appear from a camera position on the surface of the moon facing toward San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
I thought that the sun would be rather stationary in the zenith of the sky. Reason: the moon is fully illuminated at time of a full moon.
I thought that the earth was rotating in the lunar sky in a rather fixed position and that San Miguel de Allende would be at the center longitude at the same time that the moon appeared at the zenith of the San Miguel sky. This was an interesting time, when San Miguel faced the moon and the Moon faced the Sun; a time when the solar light reflected directly from surface of the moon to San Miguel.

This date may have been confusing and I have edited the post after it was originated. I will continue to post on this blog site as I explore the uses of the calendar.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Tuesday I heard a statement, passed on from an elder, quoted by Maria Teresa Valenzuela. She will speak here in San Miguel de Allende on 21 January regarding what she was told. She is what I consider to be a reliable woman, born in the copper canyon o Mexico from indigenous Raramuri parents. She migrated to USA and served in the US Navy as a Nurse. She then retired as a Commander and returned to her native land to learn more of the native wisdom which she can pass to us in English. Maria Teresa has traveled to meet the leadership of elders in Mayan and Peruvian sites. She wants to share what she has learned.

Maria Teresa was at a meeting called "Philosophy of Life Dialogs" where she spoke what she has heard regarding the Maya calendar ending date of 2012. Her statement was the first that I have heard which contains a ring of TRUTH.

The elders do not know when the industrial nations will learn the truth. 2012 ends a a major astronomical cycle recorded by the Mayan Calendar but is just another date that was selected by those who wish to frighted the gullible with predictions of disaster. There have been a multitude of predictions of the end of our world. It has not ended yet. Cyclic events are noticed by human observers that notice repeating events but the cycles have not ended yet.


I trust what I heard today but I do not trust any of the people who publish books telling us what will happen and when it will happen. We do not know the timetable but there are many who publish reliable studies about how we might end our ability to live here. There are many dangers to our planetary environment that come from human carelessness.

My sincere hope is that we will learn to respect the Mother Earth before we pass the point of no return and destroy the productivity that is given to us on this fertile planet. The Sun is our reliable source of power and the Earth is our reliable place to walk and cultivate the necessary food. The indigenous elders know that is a truth. They worshiped the Sun and Earth instead of creating Gods in the image of man. Listen to the elders as they explain the important lessons that have been passed through wisdom of all nations. We are one people and must live together live in harmony on this planet

There is an interesting commentary on the rumors about 2012 here;

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I have purchased a new gourd, a guaje, from Oaxaca. There is now a question; how to utilize it. There is another meaning for gourd, a slang term for the contents of my mind. I will distinguish the two meanings by using guaje for the new purchase and gourd for the less physical container, the brain, in a physical skull but with contents that are controversial; are they physical or non-physical?

My new guaje can be used to hold the physical things that I normally carry in my pockets, a woman might think my guaje should be called a pocketbook.

I am now considering what I should keep in my guaje and also considering what I should keep in my gourd. It is much easier to decide what to put in the guaje. I will start with all the things that were in my pockets and I hope that I can find the wanted objects when they are needed. I used four pockets in my pants but the guaje only has one compartment. That explains why women spend so much time searching for what they want from their pocketbook! Some pocketbooks have been designed with several compartments but women still search in all parts for desired items.

I will need to carry something larger than my guaje from Oaxaca if I want to carry a thing that will not fit the remaining empty space in the guaje. The space in my gourd seems to be infinite.

That seems to be a satisfactory solution for the guaje;'pro tem.' It is not so simple to organize the contents of my gourd; the contents keep increasing as I write about them and the access becomes much more confusing. I may not even remember what I was thinking unless I think slowly enough to record all my thoughts so I can read them to remember what I thought. This may not be possible. I quit. There is a big problem here. The physical contents of my guaje are so blessedly simple compared to the stuff that goes into my gourd!

This all leads me to describe what I call physical reality versus metaphysical, spiritual, reality. My education in Engineering Sciences allowed me to earn a pension which I now enjoy. My wife has not retired; she still teaches what she calls spititual reality and now enjoys her portion of my pension which came via application of physical reality. Her physical income is still smaller than mine. Her pay seems to be intangible, coming via those who express their love for her. I guess that pay comes back to each person in the currency that they spent in their work.

My gourd is full of more stuff than my guaje. I can manage my guaje better than my gourd because I need to simplify the contents of my gourd. I still do not know how my wife manages her guaje or her gourd but we are both happy.


Sunday, January 6, 2008


is the name of a book by Lindsay Jones which explores another lure. There is a pyramid in Tula, Hidalgo which has strong similarities to another pyramid in Chichen Itza on the yucatan penninsula.

The similarity has been a lure for many generations of those who want to understand the meaning of Toltequity. I have a copy of the book that I am attempting to read again since releasing my extreme attachment to the lure of wisdom which I explained in the previous posting on this blog. It is difficult to read because it was written as a doctoral thesis and it contains a multitude of footnotes which interrupt the flow of the text many times. I have been diligent and have continued reading the book even though it does not answer my questions about the meaning of life. It does not even pretend to be a complete analysis of Toltec culture. It does provide references to a multitude of interesting source documents throughout the footnotes.

The lures continue to attract my attention but I have released any expectation that any study will reveal the wisdom of the Toltec culture. The book does often mention that the lure is related to the wisdom of the Toltec culture. Many foootnotes refer to the wisdom but they do not reveal the wisdom in the books referenced. The books that are referenced report on their searches of othes but do not disclose details of the objective of their search.

Any lure which promises a simple answer is very likely to present a new problem. I have lost any expectation that there are simple answers. The search is the answer itself, for itself. I enjoy the search but do not know the object of the search!

Friday, January 4, 2008


I became a member of Rotary International many years ago at the club in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. Initiation into the club included selecting a nickname. As a new member I was allowed 30 seconds to choose a nickname before the club decided for me.
I had read that the Toltecs were wise. I have always been attracted by wisdom, so I quickly choose to be called Tolteca.
Tolteca became the name of my lure.
The lure has ruled my life by many names but it may be that Tolteca is the final lure. Not because it has caught me with a hidden hook. I have followed the lure with diligence and have discovered that wisdom was not recorded there either in the form that would satisfy all my desires for knowledge. I was attracted to the lure because a book told me that the Aztecs of Mexico wrote that the Toltecs were an ancient wise people. After searching through many books I became certain that there was nothing but legends to support any existence of Toltec people.
The lure disappeared before my studies could be completed!
I will not reject the nickname of "Tolteca" because it has served a very important purpose that has directed my entire life.
I now hope to be free of "Words of Wisdom" from any source other than my own personal experience. Teachers may sometimes offer me guidance in creating my own experience and even help me understand what causes my experiences. I now have an increased state of alert in following any lure.
The next lure may have a hook which was hidden by a clever predator!

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