Friday, April 25, 2008

Connecting Nahuatl speakers via Skype network.

Inocensio Jimenez Chino and his wife Florencia

This was an exploratory event. The picture of Inocensio was made in Cafe. etc., but the shype connection did not hold long enough. We Moved to the Public Library where the connection continued for many minutes while the old friends talked.

I had the pleasure of connecting Jonathan Amith, Professor of Languages at Yale University with two friends that came from Guerrero and now live in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. I was not able to record the voices for this blog but here are pictures.

You can see many details regarding Inocensio if you search via Google for the entire phrase. He is well known as a painter in the indigenous style of Guerrero. It has been a great pleasure to listen to the Nahuatl speakers as they used modern technology to renew contact between nations.

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Iztacoyotl said...

This is really awesome! How did you become interested in Nahuatl?

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