Monday, April 21, 2008

Another foray into the Codices, "Codice Florentino"

The Public library in San Miguel de Allende has an extensive collection of books that refer to the Codices from Mexico. Today I had time to look into the shelves where I found a book in Spanish.

The title "El 'Codice Florentino' y la 'Historia General' de Sahagun. First edition was ISBN 968-805-127-6 1,000 copies, Second printing ISBN 968-805-516-6, corrected and augmented.

Author Jose Luis Martinez makes a detailed study of the manuscript which is not on public display at this time; It is not certain where it is now. The last reported sighting was in 1896. This is stated in a footnote on P. 4; however a facsimile was obtained, by scholars in US, from unrevealed sources and a copy was donated to 'Archivo de la Nation' of Mexico. A complicated history of presumed copies seems to terminate in the translations based by Charles E. Dibble and Arthur J. O. Andersonon the facsimile . That translation is in a set of expensive volumes. I have only Volume 6 in my personal library. I have not found any reference there to Toltec. Martinez continues studying various versions for 157 pages where I found no reference to Toltec.

The authoritative sources of Toltec history are very scarce; I did not find a source today but you might like to follow this trail, I am tired now and will continue study of the Codex Borgia as discussed in my blog on calendars at

The Codex Borgia is also from an unknown source, possibly a temple raided by the Spanish but it is organized so carefully that I am convinced that it came from a very wise people. It has pictures only in the style of Toltec predecessors of the Aztec and other calendar based cultures in ancient Mexico,

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